Mental Mapping


See more: The homepage for Central-Eastern European Mental Map researchers. Owner of the website is Laszlo Letenyei.


Mental mapping is a methodology in the field of territorial and urban developing which is used in EU and in the USA. It is multifunctional science: sociology, geography, architecture are using this one.


TeTT Consult is working to develop a new software. The software called Mental Map Editor will be finished in the end of 2006. The software gives a solution for a problem: how to get a huge quantity of data to edit a mental map. This software gives first in the world algorithmic solution for this problem. We hope this software gives a new opportunity to spread the method of mental map editing. Our product is useable with rural developing, settlement developing, geographic and more social sciences. We are developing our software in Hungarian but its not enough to introduce it in Europe. Our goal is a European-wide using of this method.


Peter Pal Bohus